London escort agencies cater for all clients through superior training

Too tired to engage erotically

Normally clients are very excited to go out and have a date with an escort in London. However sometimes people may decide to be very laid back or they may just be focussing their brains elsewhere and not be in the moment.

When an escort encounters a lazy client, it puts them in a tricky situation. An encounter works well when both parties are interested, excited and play an active part. However if you are one of the lazy types, your English escort in London may decide to entertain you with some lap dancing for a start.

This way you can sit back and watch and enjoy. After the lap dance, you can request for oral which can work well for you if you still feel you don’t want be proactive in your encounter.

Communicate to your favourite London escort agency

Sometimes a man may just be tired of making all the efforts spent into getting a woman to date him. When he finally gets an escort, he may decide that since he is paying her, he deserves to just rest and get entertained. There is nothing wrong with that. However it helps when your escort also knows what you are thinking about.  The LondonsLeadingLadies – London escort agency train their escorts to work with all sorts of scenarios they may encounter. This ensures their high level of success. A massage can work well to relax you and to energise you for the evening. When you have been extremely busy working and have had no time to build up personal relations, then you may not have a partner to enjoy your dinner with. In case you are on a visit to London, then it is a pity to waste this precious trip all by yourself. The London escorts agency LLL has trained masseuse working for them as London escorts.

Make it playful

Role playing can be an exciting game when you go to see an escort in London. If you feel that you need a bit of extra excitement, then your will fantasy escort will love to dress up and become the lady of your fantasy. You could choose her to be a nurse, Air hostess, school teacher or a school girl.

When you call the London escorts agency, be sure to mention about your role playing desire. This way you can get matched up with the best London escort actresses they have.

Adult costumes are available for both men and women. You can dress up too if it takes your fantasy. Role play can give you a starting point, especially if you are nervous around strangers. It can give you something to imagine and you need not feel embarrassed as you are not acting to be yourself.

London Escorts love to dress up either in lingerie or in role play costumes. Either way you can plan in advance or throw in a surprise, whichever you conceive will work well for your mood.

Music helps you both relax and you can dance to make things more exciting. Women love to dance. This could be either in private or in public. Dancing is just like foreplay. It can serve to bring both of you close together and you can initiate soft comfortable conversation about what you would like to do next.