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I am sure that many of you have read my information about Outcalls many times on . I have gone to great lengths to explain how the procedure works, the reasons for it and hopefully covered the situation quite comprehensively. However, I still receive requests for outcalls from prospective customers who don’t understand or choose not to understand why these procedures are in place. Asian escorts in London vary in their degree of geographical knowledge of London and indeed it’s public transport systems. Some girls who have been Oriental escorts for some time in Central London, think nothing of hopping on a bus or the tube to get to their required destination. The majority though, especially the ‘newbies’ find it all a bit too much, the same as you and I would be if we were dumped into a city in China or some far-flung place where even the alphabet is not the same as our native language.

Therefore, the oriental escorts have to rely mainly on taxi services. Our standard price for a one-hour outcall for Asian escorts is £200. The extra £50 is to offset the time that the girls have to spend in said taxi and of course the cost of the taxi. We at consider that the maximum distance from the Asian escort girl’s home before we have to introduce a surcharge is three miles. I’m sure that those of you who have visited a London Asian escort in West and Central London are aware of how long even a three-mile journey  can take if the traffic is bad. Anything over three miles, we have to be realistic and add the aforementioned surcharge to the total cost of any of our Asian escorts visiting you in your hotel or private residence.


Certain customers baulk at the idea of paying a surcharge and see it as the Thai escorts and/or the  Asian escort agency trying to make an easy extra few quid. I can honestly assure you that this is not the case. In fact, I sometimes reduce my commission for arranging the outcall to save the client some money. I would also like to add that all of our girls have their own nice apartments so if you want real value for money, it’s sometimes to just hop into a cab yourself and save £50!!! having said that I do appreciate the comfort of having the Asian escorts to visit you in your own comfortable surroundings. So, I hope that after reading this message that any acts of subterfuge or extortion are eliminated from your thought process when we ask for a little extra to cover outcalls of over three miles. 🙂

Whilst on the subject of outcall escorts, it is always a good idea to inform our receptionist when booking if a card/key is needed for the Asian escort girls to access your room and also please be prepared to come and pick up your asian escorts from the foyer or outside your hotel. This is because sometimes over-zealous security personnel can can be a bit awkward when they see an attractive young Oriental girl walking straight to your room. Many thanks for reading, Ben – Asian Options